Witness in R. Kelly Trial Testifies She Was 15 When Her Sexual Relationship Began With Him

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The federal sex trafficking trial of embattled R&B star R. Kelly reached its 11th day of testimony and say testimony from a witness who further confirmed what prosecutors say was a pattern of his sexual behavior.  USA Today reported testimony from a reluctant witness who said she and Kelly had a decade-long sexual relationship on and off from the time she was just 15. 

The witness identified only as “Alexis,” who is now 31, testified she attended Kelly’s 2006 “Light it Up” show in Jacksonville, Fla., when someone in his entourage took her backstage to meet Kelly. She met him again a day later on his tour bus in a mall parking lot. She said she signed a non-disclosure agreement there, but wasn’t certain if the fact of her being underage was discussed. 

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“Alexis” is not one of Kelly’s accusers, and while she admits they did have sex on various occasions before she turned 18, Kelly is not being charged with any crime in connection to his contact with this witness.

Prosecutors wanted “Alexis’ “ testimony to help them to establish a pattern of behavior they say helps prove their charges of racketeering against Kelly, 54. They allege that Kelly had control of handlers and helpers who would procure young girls for him and even would pay for plane travel for these underaged children for Kelly for the purposes of sex on the road or at his home in Chicago.  

They also intend to call additional witnesses with stories similar to “Alexis” to bolster their case against Kelly as the head of an alleged “criminal enterprise.”

The witness Alexis didn’t testify with certainty to precisely when sexual encounters with Kelly began, telling the jury, “I don’t recall how old I was,” she said. “It was 16 years ago.”

“Alexis” admitted she didn’t want to testify at the trial. Kelly’s defense did not cross-examine her.

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