WATCH: Lizzo Gifts Her Mom A New Wardrobe For Her Birthday


Lizzo’s mother got a wonderful surprise birthday gift that is an upgrade to her closet!

The Grammy award-winning singer shared a heartfelt video of her mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, on Saturday (Sept. 11) on Instagram unveiling her new wardrobe curated by stylist Jason Rembert.  

“Wow! It looks nice in here, huh?” the 33-year-old can be heard saying behind the camera. 

In the following clip, she continues, “You like these clothes? These are your clothes!,” causing her mom to become emotional.  

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“What? Wow!” Johnson-Jefferson responded.  “I won’t have to look like a bum anymore!”

“No ma’am! Not on my watch!” Lizzo said.

In the caption of the post, Lizzo takes a moment to reflect on how her dad’s death impacted her mom. The artist was just 21 when her father passed away. 

“Ever since daddy passed you’ve been telling me it’s been hard to dress nice for yourself. I know I can’t bring ur best friend back… but I still wanna give you the world. Happy birthday mommy, I love you. Time to be FLYY, girl!,” she captioned the post.


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