Watch: Larry Elder Heckled At A Homeless Camp And Had An Egg Thrown At Him


Conservative Larry Elder did not get a warm welcome as he attempted to campaign at a homeless camp in Venice, Calif. The radio host who is running for governor of California in hopes of unseating incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom through a recall election, was caught in a heckling storm that did not end well.

In a viral video from Sept. 8, Elder can be seen looking terrified as one man screams, “What the [expletive] are you going to do for a Black man you sorry piece of [expletive].” As more people yell, he hurries away.

See below:

In another clip, a woman in a gorilla mask throws an egg at him but misses. A minor scuffle took place between campaign security and residents of the homeless camp.

Elder is the Republican front-runner in the race to replace Newsom, should voters elect to recall the current governor. He entered the recall race just days before the July 16 filing deadline.

On both his radio shows and the campaign trail, Elder has reiterated some controversial views. He contends that racism is not a major problem in America today and that police are much less likely to use force against Black people than whites, which is factually incorrect, especially in Los Angeles. He also believes that the minimum wage should be abolished.

Just last week, Elder told conservative Candace Owens that because slave owners were given reparations after the Civil War that “you could make an argument” their ancestors would also be owed additional reparations. 

On Sept. 14, voters will decide if  Calif. Gov. Newsom will remain governor of the state. 



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