WATCH: Dave Chappelle Hilariously Shuts Down Morgan Freeman In Trailer For New Comedy Special ‘The Closer’

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Dave Chappelle is back with his sixth comedy special for Netflix. The Closer, which dropped on the streaming service at midnight. Details of the show were introduced by a trailer featuring a surprising cameo of Chappelle and none other than the legendary Morgan Freeman, whose voice just makes everything sound better.

Chappelle is seen driving down a country road with Freeman narrating, “This is Dave. He tells jokes for a living. Driving down these country roads is a lot like a meditation…he is deep in thought, back in the trance, five specials in this many years, how do you close a body of work that profound?”

Chappelle eventually shouts, “Will you shut the f**k up, Morgan Freeman?!”

Watch the hilarity below:

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