Offer to Sunil Shetty in Nepali movie X9, Will share screen with Anmol KC

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has been offered for villain role in Nepali movie ‘X9’, the third film directed by ‘Lappan Chhappan and Lappan Chhappan 2’ director Mukund Bhatt. According to director Bhatta, Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has been asked for a week’s time.

Sunil Shetty has been offered the role of the villain. Stating that we have had an oral conversation with Sunil Shetty and he is positive about it, director Bhatt said, “We will sign the paper deal once the lockdown is finished.” He is positive to work. Even though he is seen as Villain, but there will be suspence about his role in the movie.

The production team plans to shoot Sunil Shetty within a week as he will get one day’s salary.

Bollywood Actor Sunil Shetty

The film is being shot in Nepal, India and several European countries. Anmol KC has also been offered for the film. Director Bhatt told that Anmol has been offered the lead role in the film and he is also ready to work. “All that is left is a paper deal with Anmol,” he said. Ready to do valuable work. Now he is making the body for the film.

According to Mukund, this time the story has been prepared according to the idea of ​​making Nepali films of a new level. Although the budget of the film is high, he claims that the film can be shown in the world market.

The director told that there are plans to start shooting the film after the festival (Tihar) if there is no new wave of Covid-19.

If both Sunil Shetty and Anmol KC are ready to work, then for the first time on the screen of Nepali films, the audience will be able to see the confrontation between Bollywood stars and famous actors of Nepali films.

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