Sunil Giri’s hit song ‘Ko Hola Tyo’ female version made public

Sunil Giri’s hit song ‘Ko Hola Tyo’ has been made public in the female version. Sunil Giri’s words, music and sung by Sunil himself. A few years ago, public songs became very popular among the younger generation.

The female version of the song was made public on Tuesday. Singer Asmita Adhikari has lent her voice in the female version. Male female actors Pal Shah and Prakriti Shrestha have acted in the video of the female version.

The video is produced by Sunil Giri and directed by Anil K Manandhar. As soon as the song is made public, a prize of Rs 25,000 has been announced for the one who makes the best TikTok video.

Sunil Giri says that ‘Ko Hola Tyo’ is his special song. He said that even though many of his songs have come, this song has always been in his mind. The cinematography of the song is excellent. The director has featured the pair of Paul and Prakriti in an attractive way.

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