Singer Shakira can be prosecuted for tax evasion

Difficulties seem to be increasing in the tax evasion case of Colombian singer Shakira. The Spanish judge investigating the case has said that we have got enough evidence against Shakira.

The Spanish Justice, who investigated the case of alleged tax evasion by Colombian famous singer Shakira, has recommended her trial. The investigation concluded that there is evidence that the pop star did not comply with his commitment to pay taxes in the country.

Evidence found in 3 year investigation

Justice Marco Juberias wrote in his order that, ‘his investigation of 3 years found that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Shakira in the court in this case. An appeal can be made against this decision.

We have paid the tax dues

The prosecutor alleged in December 2019 that the singer did not pay $16.4 million in taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014. Despite her residence in Panama, she was living in Spain during this period. Shakira, 44, had denied any wrongdoing in her testimony in June 2019. Shakira’s public relations team said that she had paid the amount after being informed about the dues by the tax office.

Fine may be imposed, punishment is also possible

It is being told that Shakira can be fined if proven guilty for tax evasion. Also, you may have to go to jail for some time. However, justices can waive the sentence of a first-time offender if he is imprisoned for less than two years. So nothing can be said for now clearly.

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