‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Says He Lost At Least 57 People to COVID

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Shark Tank star Daymond John is sharing his personal battle with COVID-19 and how he has lost more than a handful of people in his circle. 

Speaking with survivornet.com, the CEO and founder of FUBU shared that he is vaccinated but about a month and a half ago, he tested positive for the coronavirus. 

“I wouldn’t even have paid attention except that I just couldn’t taste things,” he shared with the publication. 

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John’s battle with the virus was not as difficult as it was for others who succumbed to the respiratory disease.  Unfortunately, he says that he knows at least 57 people who have died because of COVID and eight of them were personal associates.

He is urging people to get vaccinated. 

“There are 57 people I can’t call. They are no longer around. That is a fact, they cannot answer the phone. They’re dead. These people are no longer here,” he says.

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