Robin Roberts Talks Getting A Second Chance After Life-Changing Health Scare

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In 2012, Robin Roberts underwent a life-changing surgery that gave her a second chance. 

Roberts, who is a breast cancer survivor, was previously diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder. The Good Morning America anchor was informed that she needed a bone marrow transplant surgery to survive.

 Her sister, Sally-Ann, soon became her donor

In an interview with Rachel Ray airing on Wednesday (Sept. 22), Roberts revealed how she felt once she learned that her sister was a match and became emotional as she reflected on that moment. 

“My doctor told me I had a year or two to live if I didn’t have a successful transplant,” she tells Ray. “My other siblings were not a match. My doctors had already told me there was not anybody on the list that matched me. It came down to my sister Sally-Ann.”

Adding, “When they came back — and they had to do repeated tests to get to the certain level — and they said, ‘Yes, she’s a match.’ And I cannot tell you, you just exhale, and you’re like, ‘I got a chance.’

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She continued, “I remember calling my sister because then I had to say to her, ‘You are a match. Do you want to go through with this,’ ” she recalls. “Because sometimes, people will put themselves on the list and say they want to be a donor, and then it gets to that point and they have second thoughts.”

“And my sister said, ‘Not only is this something I want to do, I feel I was born to be [your donor],’.”

Roberts also shared an Instagram a post holding up nine fingers to mark the nine years since she had her bone marrow transplant.  

“Quiet dinner at home w/ sweet Amber & @lil_man_lukas to mark 9 years since my bone marrow transplant. Everybody’s got something and I’m hopeful to be a reminder that this too shall pass. 🙏🏾❤️#lightlovepowerpresence.”

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