Poonam Pandey said: Raj Kundra is a fraud, Working with him made the biggest mistake of my life

Model Poonam Pandey is also in limelight after Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested for making porn movies. Poonam and Raj’s dispute dates back to 2019, when Poonam Pandey signed a contract with one of her firms named Armsprime Media. Poonam had signed this contract to get an app in her name, for which she was going to get a fair share of the revenue.

According to Poonam, there was discrimination regarding the shares in the firm, due to which she withdrew the contract. But soon after that, he started getting calls from private numbers with various requests. According to him, he had left the country for three months after being troubled by all this. Now Poonam has spoken openly about working with Raj. She has said that she made the biggest mistake of her life by working with Raj.

I suffered trauma of a different level.

Poonam said, “When I signed the contract with him, it was only then that I understood that I was being cheated and his way of working was very unprofessional. I terminated the contract within a month. Having a professional collaboration with him was the biggest mistake of my life. Those people are frauds. My life has become an open book. I suffered trauma of a different level. I cursed myself after sharing my password and credentials. When I spoke to Raj’s team, they told me that I would not get the money until I signed the contract again and started working with them. I flatly declined to do so. How could I work with them again knowing that these people hacked into my accounts and took over my personal space? What do these people think of themselves?

Raj Kundra Blackmailed

Raj Kundra did not convince me because he knew that I was not dependent on him only for work. I ended all professional relationships with Armsprime. I wanted them to remove the app they made in my name from the internet. Soon after, Raj Kundra approached me for another app, Hotshots. That was 100% blackmail. He clearly meant that do it or face the consequences. When I refused to listen to them, my private mobile numbers were leaked.

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