Oprah Winfrey Shares Her Concerns About The United States


In a recent interview with wellness author Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey discussed her current concerns about the country. 

In the podcast, Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box, which premiered on Thursday (Sept. 16) on Audible, Winfrey is asked if she is afraid of anything, and while the award-winning first response was “No,” she soon adds that she is worried about the current state of The United States, CNN reports. 

“I worry about the country. I worry about where we are as a country,” Winfrey explains. “And the word isn’t even worry. I see the distance and the inability of various sides and factions to hear each other. I can see this kind of spiraling into the lack of truth on the part of a lot of individuals and you and I both know that can lead ultimately to no good.”

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Adding that while she thinks about what is going on, she doesn’t fear it. 

Winfrey also notes that she looks at the “totality of her life” and knows that other factors help her not worry. 

“The favor and the hand of something, the energetic force field of something other than my own mind and personality are at work here,” she continues. 

The multi-talented media mogul then discussed what she wants her legacy to be, noting that the late Maya Angelou once told her that her legacy is “never one thing.” 

“Your legacy is everything,” she says. “Your legacy is every life you have touched.”

Listen to the full podcast episode on Audible.


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