American singer Demi Lovato cut her hair after revealing her sexuality, know why?

American singer Demi Lovato recently announced that she should be recognised as non-binary. She has opened up on insecurities and fears, saying that she has cut her hair to break free from gender and sexuality norms.

Lovato said on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, “I was trying to do something that wasn’t working for me. Now I’m doing something that is working for me and is judged by everyone. Instead of feeling down, I’m just going to say that people’s opinions of me don’t matter to me.

Singer said, “I’m doing what I need to do for myself and my health. I’m putting myself in front of my career and it’s something I’ve never done before because I want to be a sexy feminine popstar.” I was so busy trying to figure out who I was.”

Lovato feels liberated after the haircut

Lovato said, “I cut my hair to break free of all the gender and sexuality norms imposed on me as a Christian, and when I got my hair cut, I felt so liberated. I now own what I am, I have felt the happiest now,

Singer feels that he has shared all the secrets in front of the world. Lovato said on Zee Cafe’s show in India that “That’s why I’m being honest. Secrets keep you sick and I totally believe in it and now there’s no secret to the world about me because I It has been put before the people.”

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