Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped Oscar host for making fun of his wife

Every artist and person associated with the world of art waits for the event of Oscar, the biggest festival in the world of cinema. Stars from all over the world attend here, where this show is known for its elegance, while many times there is controversy in this show as well. This time too there was a big ruckus at the Oscars, but this time something happened on the stage of the Oscar ceremony, which probably no one would have thought about. Famous actor Will Smith punched comedian Chris Rock, who was hosting the show, on stage in front of everyone.

Video going viral on social media-
Its video is going viral. Seeing which it is believed that Chris Rock has been punched by Will Smith for joking about his wife Pinkett. However, it is not yet confirmed whether it was just a joke or whether Will Smith was actually punched out of anger.

When suddenly Will Smith went on stage and punched the comedian-
In the video, it can be seen that Chris Rock is hosting the show and only then Will Smith rises from his place and goes on stage and punches Chris Rock directly. This incident in the history of Oscars is surprising to everyone. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral and everyone is shocked to see this scene.

Chris Rock refuses to file police report
When Will Smith suddenly goes on stage and punches Chris Rock, everyone thought that it was just a joke, but seeing Will Smith’s expression, it seems that he was very angry. However, according to reports, Oscar host host and comedian Chris Rock has refused to file a police report against Will Smith in this whole matter.

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