Happy Bey Day: 40 Reasons Why Beyoncé Turning 40 Is An Entire Mood

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Every year we celebrate various holidays and events, but to the ultimate fan – there is only one day that truly matters in the year. That day being September 4, 1981 otherwise known as the day that God blessed our eternal being by giving us the life and the legend that is Beyoncé. Giselle. Knowles. Carter.

While most in the Bey-hive may refer to her as Queen Bey, however you say her name – the one thing that is for certain is that the ‘B’ in her name stands for “Boss.”  From international superstar and mother of three, to mogul, activist and philanthropist, Beyoncé continues to remind us that Black is not only king, but her talent and insight are in fact universal.

There is a lot of buzz around what might be next on her bucket list towards world domination (remember her Instagram only gets active when she’s about to sting) and BET.com is keeping a close eye. In the meantime, here’s a chance to shine a light and a halo, halo, halo in celebration of her 40th birthday with 40 amazing reasons why Beyoncé has solidified herself as the most powerful Black woman in entertainment today.

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