Family Ties: Scarface Gets Life-Saving Kidney Transplant After His Son Donates Organ | Music


Scarface needed a kidney transplant after suffering a serious battle with COVID-19 last year, which caused the organ’s failure.

Luckily, the legendary Houston rapper’s son was a match, and now, it looks like the transplant procedure was a success.

Taking to his Instagram account, Scarface’s son Chris Jordan provided an update and a picture of the two men in hospital beds.

“What a journey it’s been. Surgery went well my dad is thriving kidney is working great!!!! Thank you all for the prayers. @brothermob love you family,” Jordan captioned in the post.

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Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince also shared a positive message about Face’s status and emphasized how much his son loves his father.

In July, Scarface announced on his Geto Boys Reloaded podcast that his son was a match for the transplant.

“A couple of days ago .. well Friday they called me and said I was a match with my son,” Scarface said. “So it’s any day now.”

During the same interview, Chris said there was no question that he was going to give his father his kidney. “I just told him when everything was going down, ‘Hey man, you don’t have to go through that. If I’m a match, I’ma do it,’” Jordan said.


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