Women In Business

Centuries ago, Men used to hold economic power traditionally. Before the advent of women, men were regarded as superior in every field whether it be sports, business, or education. They were considered more powerful than any woman has been in the public sphere. It is a fact that men and women are brought up in different backgrounds and experiences.

The distinctiveness in how a girl child and a boy child is brought up is the primary reason how they approach business in the future. From a young age, women are taught to be humble, modest, resist speaking too much, and not to boast about their achievements whereas men are encouraged to be ambitious, courageous, and vocalize about their achievements.

“Women in Business” is still a controversial topic for many people who do not think women can be capable to compete against men in the business world. People have established a mindset that the economic power and the opportunity to run a business is only facilitated to men. Due to this reason, women have a hard time initiating change and turn their dreams of running a company into reality. Another main reason why women are lacking behind is the ability to take smart risks. Men take uncertain risks all the time. They are neither afraid of drawbacks nor have fear of failure whereas women have too many people depending on them to take uncertain actions.

In Nepal, barriers to women entrepreneurs can be found in the form of cultural and structural constraints.
As a woman, I believe that we can overcome obstacles and create positive change. Taking smart risks is one way to create change. It can be challenging but it can also lead to success. One way of taking smart risks is to step out of our comfort zone and take a leap. Today’s start-up culture enables women to be their own boss, define how they want to work, and pay themselves.

Business school is a great place for women to gain the confidence and expertise needed to become successful leaders. Business schools provide an excellent opportunity for students especially women to connect with peers and professors, form a connection that can be beneficial for starting a business in the near future. Strong commitment towards your goal and constant hard work is the key for professional success. Instead of being submissive and agreeable, we should learn to become ambitious, resistant, and career-oriented. Also, we should learn about how to combat gender stereotypes in the workplace.

There are a lot of women who are already setting an example and role model for other women who are thinking of starting their own business. Being a successful woman in business is all about creating your own expectations instead of following pre-set ones of the world. No one can truly understand you unless you understand yourself. Take suggestions from everyone but the final decision that you take should solely be from your own heart. Work on yourself, build leadership and communication traits, explore your creativity and start a business venture on your own initiative. Let’s not be driven towards perfection. Nobody can be perfect no matter how hard they try to be. Instead, let us try to be progressive, create new opportunities and grow, then who knows maybe you can be the CEO of your enterprise in the year 2030!

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