Smoking and Nepali Society

Nepal is one of the countries that have the highest number of youths involved in smoking activities. Smoking, to be exact, is an activity when people inhale smoke from narcotics items like cigarettes, tobacco, and weed. Many people believe that smoking doesn’t affect an individual, but smoking injures your body, both physically and mentally. Smoking slowly damages the human heart and obstructs normal blood circulation. The common diseases caused by smoking are Lung Cancer, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Asthma, and Diabetes. Women who smoke undergo different difficulties while pregnant. If a woman smokes while pregnant, the child has a higher risk of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and they may suffer from different diseases.

Every year, many youth and children start to smoke, just thinking that it will make them look cool. Due to advancements in the lifestyle, many youngsters are exposed to western culture and movies to smoke. Western culture exposes the youth to smoking, but the main problem is that cigarettes and tobacco are available in every grocery shop in every area. When a teenager goes to buy cigarettes, no one questions them about buying them. The teenagers or children who smoke are becoming arrogant, full of rage and anger that no one is willing to stop them when they smoke in the streets. The other reason children and teenagers start to smoke is parental and senior influence. When children and teenagers watch their parents and seniors smoking, the urge to try. In a short span, they get addicted to cigarettes and they are not able to quit.

Quitting smoking is very important for smokers and people near you. Smoking damages the health of the smoker and also damages the health of people who don’t smoke. When a non-smoker inhales the smoke then they suffer from different health hazards too. Quitting smoking for a regular smoking person is very difficult. When a smoker quits smoking suddenly, the urge for smoking doubles and they are not able to stop smoking. To quit smoking, an individual needs to slowly minimize the addiction by reducing the number of cigarettes, engaging in different social and creative activities, etc. According to research, those people who quit smoking before age 40 have a possibility to reduce the chance of dying prematurely from diseases like Lung Cancer, COPD, etc.

If anyone wants to quit smoking then he/she should be very determined. Many people don’t know the adverse effects of smoking so education and awareness programs may help them. Smoking causes different health hazards like cancer, heart attack, etc. and it also injures the mouth and throat. Smoking is one of the main reasons which increases the risk of infant death rate and children with diseases by birth like asthma and respiratory problems.  So, quitting smoking is very important for people’s health and it increases life expectancy for both adults and infants. So, everyone should understand that smoking is not the cause of diseases but itself a disease, and quitting is only the cure.

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