Development & Success of anime industry

Even though being in a nich position, what the anime industry has accomplished so far is surprising. The popularity of anime is spreading like wildfire in the world. People from various countries are addicted on watching anime. Being popular among the children and teenage group, anime industry has made its great entrance in the world since the 1917, first anime ever made in Japan ‘Dekobou Shingacho: Meian no Shppai’.

Some of the greatest piece of art done so far in the anime industry are One piece, Gintama, Black clover, Doraemon, Naruto Shippuden, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball Z, Mob Psycho, Your Name, Demon Slayer, Dr. Stone, Attack on Titan, Re-Zero and so on. Having more than 400 plus production companies and countless number of anime available, the anime industry has been developing since the 19th century. The now known as the hometown of anime, Akihabara, is the one of the most famous tourist center for anime fans.

The town of Akihabara is the homeplace of the anime industry. Akihabara has all sorts of facility related to the anime for example figures and figurines, cosplay, manga café and so on. Some key players operating in the anime market include Bones Inc., Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd., Madhouse Inc., Manglobe Inc., P.A.Works, Inc., Pierrot Co., Ltd., Production I.G, Inc., Studio Ghibli, Inc., Sunrise Inc., Toei Animation Co., Ltd .

The live entertainment and internet streaming of anime has led to a substantial rise in international distribution of Japanese anime and anime merchandise including shirts, key chains, mobile covers, wallpaper, and various kinds of posters. The anime named “Your Name” touched the heart of viewers in 2016 earning 380million USD and making its way into the box office top list. Similarly, in 2020 another movie “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train” also generated a huge amount of revenue from the cinema, total of 430 million USD. In 2018, anime industry earned a total of 20.47 billion of USD. And in 2020 it is expected to reach the total net worth of 23.50 billion USD.

The Japanese anime market has observed the phenomenal rise of popularity of anime around the globe. People have started buying the figures and figurines of various anime characters and conducted various kinds of cosplay events earning revenue and promoting the otaku culture. By entertaining the people, giving knowledge and guiding viewers about life, it has piqued interest of children and the teenagers. Some people criticize about the fact that anime are seen by kids only and was also criticized by people saying that it was cheap, violent, and sexually explicit. But the truth is that, anime is seen even by the teenagers as well as elderly people as well. It is a animated piece of work created in order to entertain people and teach them about life.

The scripts of some of the anime are based on fiction and also based on the reality. Similarly, the popularity of anime also led to the development of the gaming sector as well. Nowadays various game development companies are using the anime characters to develop the games in order to survive in the business world such as Honkai Impact, Genshin impact and so on.

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