Know what is the dispute about Taiwan, why does China consider Taiwan as its part?

As soon as the new US government took over, the tussle between China and the US has started once again. This time this dispute has started with Taiwan. First 12 Chinese fighter planes landed in the Air Defense Territory of Taiwan, while America has sent its fleet of fighter warships to the South China Sea. Let us tell you that the mutual dispute between China and Taiwan is not of today. It is many years old. Let us know about Taiwan and also the reason for the dispute with China.

Taiwan, an island in East Asia, is a part of the Republic of China, including many surrounding islands. Its headquarter is on the island of Taiwan and the capital is Taipei. Let us tell you that China considers Taiwan as its part, while Taiwan considers itself to be an independent country. This tension has been going on in both the countries since the time of Chiang Kai-shek in 1949. The whole history behind it is completely different.

The real name of Taiwan is Republic of China. Its cultural identity is quite different and very strong from China. At the same time, the name of China is People’s Republic of China. In this way, both the ‘Republic of China’ and the ‘People’s Republic of China’ do not recognize each other’s sovereignty.

Both countries claim to be official representatives of Mainland China and the island of Taiwan, considering themselves to be official China. In the paper documents, China is attached to both the names. At the same time, the island of Taiwan has been practically independent since 1950. But China considers it as its rebel state.

Taiwan still considers itself an independent and sovereign nation. But since the beginning of Dragon i.e. China, it has been the opinion that Taiwan should join China. He doesn’t even condone the use of force to mix it into himself.

To understand this controversy, one has to look in the pages of history. In a conversation with BBC Hindi, Geeta Kochhar, assistant professor at the Center for Chinese and South East Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, once told that the Ching dynasty came to power in China in the year 1644 and unified China.

In 1895, the Ching ceded the island of Taiwan to the Japanese Empire. But in 1911, there was the Chinkhay revolution, in which the Ching dynasty had to be removed from power. After this the government of Coming Tang was formed in China. And then all the areas that were under the Ching dynasty, they got the Comingtang government. The official name of China was made Republic of China by the Comingtang government.

According to history, the war between China and Taiwan started from the year 1949. Then in the civil war in China, the Communists led by Mao Zedong defeated the nationalist Comingtang Party led by Chiang Kai-shek. At the same time, the naval strength of the Communists who came to power in China was negligible. This was the reason that Mao’s army could not cross the sea and control Taiwan.

According to a statement given by JNU Associate Professor Ravi Prasad Narayan to the BBC Hindi website, things started changing for Taiwan from 1971 onwards. US President Richard Nixon recognized China and said that Taiwan would have to withdraw from the UN Security Council. China became a part of the UN Security Council in 1971 and Taiwan lost its official recognition from the UN in 1979. Since then the decline of Taiwan had started.

Despite the pressure from China, Taiwan is moving towards development today. Today, when the whole world is losing a lot from life and property to employment in the war with Corona. In such a situation, the Republic of China ie Taiwan has saved the lives of its people in this war by setting its feet. At present, in the latest situation, there is again a threat in front of Taiwan.

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