External interference in Nepal’s sovereignty is unacceptable to China: Wang Yi

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is on a visit to Nepal, said that Nepal would be able to take decisions in Nepal’s affairs, according to the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times.

He said that China would oppose any attempt to undermine Nepal’s sovereignty and independence.

Wang made the remarks during a meeting with Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka on Saturday, according to the Global Times.

“No matter how much the international or national situation of the two countries changes, China will continue to promote the common future of the two countries,” Wang said.

Wang also said that China would assist in the development of Nepal’s soil. He encouraged all parties and factions to conduct inclusive consultations for the basic and long-term benefit of the people.

Wang said that all parties in Nepal should jointly adhere to the model of good governance that promotes political stability, economic growth and improvement of people’s lives.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said that China would assist Nepal in adopting an independent national and international policy. Wang said China believes all countries are equal, regardless of size. He also said that China respects the sovereignty, independence and geographical integrity of all countries.

Wang said that Nepal should become a fertile ground for cooperation between China and South Asia. Wang also said that China was happy to see Nepal coexisting with other countries and playing a greater role in regional and international affairs.

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